Biklen’s chapter regarding teaching as “women’s work” really lit my fire.  Why is it assumed that people who work with children suddenly become children?  And why do many adults expect children to be mini – adults?  Is it a reflection on how our society views children that the work of teachers is not taken seriously? If so, this is incredibly worrisome.  I am tired of hearing so much criticism of teachers when almost all of my experiences with teachers have been positive.  I am tired of them not being valued when their work is the most valuable for humankind to progress and continue.  Companies and politicians complain about our US children not being prepared or as advanced in math, science, and technology; yet they do not seem to support and respect teachers.  (I found it enlightening in Biklen’s reading that teachers in England successfully choose their curriculum rather than administrators or government officials).  Is the profession not taken seriously because the majority of teachers are women?  About half of the students are boys, so even if one is sexist, shouldn’t encouraging and supporting teachers be one of the most important values in our country?   Are professions, such as pediatrics, going to be taken less seriously as more and more women doctors choose that specialty?  Why does a serious “career” have to involve long hours and “promotions”?  How about quality hours and improvement being the barre instead?  I ask all of these questions with passion on a rant, because discrimination against women has gone on for too long and is counter-productive to the progress of humankind.


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