At the Crossroads

Teaching is like the crossroads’ juncture. Coming from different paths, teacher and student intersect here for awhile assessing one another, learning from one another, dancing together in hopes of avoiding collision, until the student is ready to travel down another road. At this critical juncture, teacher and student imagine where the different roads might lead and what challenges may be encountered along the way. Luckily, the teacher is an experienced traveler and has been trained in the rules of the road. She gives the student tools and practice with them so that bumps in the road and break-downs along the way can be overcome, and any unchartered territory can easily be navigated. Simulations of hardship situations are experienced in a safe environment to teach confidence and perseverance for when the road gets rough. Appreciation of beauty and nurturing of creativity are encouraged so that boredom does not make the journey tedious, and the student can arrive at the next destination excited and ready to prepare for the next trip.


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