Complicated Concept Chart for Health & Fitness

Today we made concept charts about what topics pertaining to health, fitness, and issues of abuse should be covered in K-8 classrooms.  Prior to starting I thought it would not be too difficult to divide topics into major categories.  However, I did expect that our group could come up with very long lists depending on how detailed we had time to be.  The surprising thing is that it was very difficult to put issues we think are important to include in our teaching into just one category.  Everything, mind, body, spirit, seems interconnected.  As we delved further into discussion, we realized how health of body, mind, and spirit carries over to everything: care for our earth so we can have healthy food, water, & air, care for our relationships both personal and on a global scale as people fight for resources and are displaced for a number of reasons.  By thinking about these topics I realized how much the health of an individual’s world can affect the individual.  We need to teach not only the importance of caring for ourselves, but also of our friends, our families, our fellow citizens, and our earth, because the health of each affects the others.


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