Here we go!

The first groups taught microlessons today.  As I am working on my own group’s lesson plan,  I am realizing how difficult it is to make the lesson MICRO.  However, after watching the first of my cohort teach their lessons (whom I thought all did a great job by the way), I see why these need to be micro lessons.  It takes a surprising amount of time to teach information to young students who are most likely hearing it for the first time.  Specific focused lesson goals are the most effective (and the challenge for us beginning teachers).  The lesson needs to be reiterated a few times in different ways in order for elementary students to really hear, take-in, and think about the new information.  Even I, an adult, who is very familiar with the health and fitness topics covered today felt a few moments of confusion, mostly at the beginning of the lessons.  It made me aware of the importance of transitioning into a lesson by involving students with review of background material already learned and / or a clear introduction of the topic.  Nervous, but excited to join my classmates as we get closer to actually “teaching school”!


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