Making school more well rounded

Today I was inspired by the creation of jump rope rhymes being incorporated into a PE jump roping lesson.  In our arts class we have also been given examples of how to incorporate the arts into other subjects: choreographing a dance to explain the water cycle or putting on a mini play for literacy.  Not only do these examples serve the purpose of killing two birds with one stone, but they more importantly serve students with different learning styles, reinforce learning, encourage creativity, let children expend their natural wonderful energy (which I wish I could bottle and use myself!), and they just help make learning more fun for both students and teacher!  Perhaps students would not be so quick to judge whether they were good at a subject or liked a subject if we include more than one subject at a time more often.  Strengths in one area could help bolster confidence or at a minimum interest in another when we can find a way to link the two.  Also, these methods make the relationships among all subjects in life more apparent to children, and therefore more relevant and meaningful.  I think by making our teaching lessons more well rounded, we encourage our students to be more well rounded and see more connections between subject areas.


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