Mind Me!

It was so cool to hold a brain today!  (I just told my 11 year old daughter about it, and she wants to do it, too!)  I was surprised at how heavy it is.  I was also impressed by the amount of surface area for reactions to occur on that is all folded up and squished together which is what makes the brain look like it has squiggly lines on it.  (I learned about the surface area / reaction correlation today).  It was also fun to try experiments involving our perception today.    After doing some fun brain games testing our perception, guest teacher Bryan White explained how our brains process quickly, i.e we just glance at the floor, in this case a grey concrete one, and know that the floor in the whole room is the same.  We do not have to keep studying and looking at every part of the floor to know this.  This made me wonder if young minds know this, too, or if they do, do they to the same degree, since young children will only believe what they perceive.  I am curious about the child development / brain development connection.  I know there is one but am interested in learning more, especially in regards to children’s perception.


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