So much to teach, so little time

I’m guessing most teachers feel that there is so much they want their students to know, but that they run out of time.  My group did our microteaching lesson today.  We were very ambitious and had a grand time coming up with what we would like to teach our “second graders.”  We learned though that despite our cutting out a lot of our ideas, we still needed to have fewer learning goals and stay more focused on those goals.  I learned SO much from the experience and from the feedback.  I am so relieved to feel inspired and excited about teaching another lesson (seeming as I obviously plan to be a teacher)!  I had worried that I might feel disappointed in myself or deflated from the feedback.  Instead, I truly feel like I learned a lot from just getting up there and doing it and from the constructive feedback.  I have a much better sense of what to do next time.  It probably won’t be easy, but I am honestly looking forward to learning more about teaching lessons and practicing doing so.  Bring it on!


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