iPad App Seasons

This week I was thrilled to finally see a little bit of technology being used in the classroom. At the end of science lessons about the water cycle and temperature, my cooperating teacher had the students take turns using the Seasons app on her iPad under the docucam so all could see. (I did tell my cooperating teacher about how she can reflect the iPad on to her computer for future use). Even though this app says it is for preschoolers and kindergarteners, our first graders loved finding the unsuitable clothes or items in each picture for whichever season was showing. This app is definitely better than a worksheet where students might circle what was out of place for the season, because when they clicked on the incorrect item, it changed to an appropriate one. All of the students were engaged and dying to have a turn!


1 thought on “iPad App Seasons

  1. So exciting to see one iPad being able to benefit all students. That’s awesome! Thank you so much for sharing. I feel like this is more hands on and engaging. I’d love to see more of this kind of stuff in the classroom!

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