Self Assessing My Reflecting

reflective selfie That’s a selfie of me reflecting!
During the past quarter of course work and student teaching, I feel I became much more discerning and at the same time more clear about many teaching practices. I think my blogs reflect that. My blog that seems to have provoked others’ thinking the most was about student self assessment, particularly in the primary grades. Comments made on this blog also provoked further thinking from me which are reflected in my comments on the comments.

Part of the Process’ Classroom Community blog inspired me to write a whole blog (which I then linked to in her comments), and then I received quite a lot of comments on my blog about Part of the Process’ blog.

These two blogs both reflect how we pre-service teachers have become part of a teaching community that relies on its members to, not only offer possible solutions to problems, but to push one another’s thinking, which in turn pushes us all forward as a collective group. These two examples of blogs also show how student focused we pre-service teachers have all become. We’re not just concerned with how in the world we are going to become teachers any more. We’re most concerned with how our students are going to become the best learners and how we can instill some self-sufficiency in them to take responsibility for their own learning.


1 thought on “Self Assessing My Reflecting

  1. BEST (actually only) selfie-reflection I’ve seen as I read blogs this week. The dialogue that you link here was rich and valuable and pushed the thinking of all us of who read along. Thanks for thinking out loud with us and for always sustaining your humor as you balanced so much this quarter. Go rock student teaching now.

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