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Caution: Student Blogger

Will Lion's blog photo
Will Lion’s photo along with Andrew Sullivan’s quote makes blogging look edgy and exciting! When I reread my blogs, they seem cautious, sometimes interesting or thoughtful, but not really exciting. Maybe I need to put a little X-games into my blogging!
As I read over my previous posts and remember where I was on this journey to becoming a teacher when I wrote certain posts, I am excited to realize I have grown as a teacher along the way. However, I am not so sure I have grown as a blogger – some weeks I definitely have something to write about; others I am seeking inspiration from others. Some weeks, I have a few comments on my blog; others I have none. The most I have ever had are four about a blog on revealing oneself personally in a lesson to help students, not only connect with literature in this case, but to hopefully not be afraid to open up in their class work. As I become better at tagging my blogs, I may attract more readers and comments. In the meantime, the process of reflecting on my week as a teacher and / or thinking about what others are thinking about does help me process what I am learning and hunger for more.
I will say, I love reading others’ blogs. It’s great to get a peek into the thinking of others who are also thinking about educating children. A couple of comments I have made on others’ posts that I think contributed to their or their readers’ learning are ones about specifically incorporating social lessons into academic lesson plans when appropriate and a comment I made about how the teaching profession works with all different types of teachers because there all different types of students.
This student blogger and teacher will keep on practicing and in no time will be able to take the “student” out of that title!